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Different websites types

The article shares classifications of the websites based on various factors: check the most popular types of web platforms and answer if a blog is a website.

par Éva Goaoc Froehly

Before any web design project starts, it’s important to define its goals, utility and target users. That’s crucial for a website at least to get noticed with more than 1.8 million other websites around. Just answer simple questions:

  • Who is going to use your website? (Hint: the answers can’t be “everybody”)
  • Why will they use it?
  • What problems will it solve?
  • What will make them want to get back again (and is it needed)?
  • What will make your website special?

All the answers to these and other questions of this kind will define the type of your website. Why is that important? Because you’ll get the understanding of what users may expect from your website and how you’ll give it to them. So, today we are discussing diverse types of websites.

What Are Different Types of Websites?

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