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Render a picture in 1 click

A good tool that offers a non-negligible time saving at a click! Rendering is no longer a chore. brings here an efficient and interesting service.

par Éva Goaoc Froehly

I was doubtful at first because the rendering was always painful. When you have the right tools, it’s fine, but still, with one click? Let me laugh! And yet…

render /ˈrɛndə/ verb
Extract, cut out a picture, an illustration part from its background.

Dictionary is magical at first glance. I send my picture, I get it back on a transparent background in a few seconds. I tried with a normal photo, very mundane, with hair frizz… That’s very good. Not perfect, of course, but really amazing. On most of the tests I did, it was perfect. It really depends on the complexity of the contours of the character obviously (and hair).

Détourer une photo en 1 clic, littéralement -
Render a picture in 1 click, litteraly.

edit picture after render

We have an opportunity to edit this cut-out picture at the end. If you are not comfy with photo editing, why not, it can be useful to modify your photo directly by adding a solid colorful background or even another photo (to pretend you went to New York or a tropical island in the middle of winter (forget tanning) if you feel like pranking your Instagram friends, you never know!).

Personnalisation du fond disponible après détourage -
Background customization available.

Here are the results. It’s not perfect, but good enought for personal use, and easy to fix the details for a pro or semi-pro user. This can really save time.

Retouch details

I retouched this image on Photoshop anyway, manually corrected small details that the automatic tool did not erase or erase too much. In one minute it’s done.

Quelques détails à détourer et corriger manuellement -
4 zones to manually correct, no big deal.


Free version limits you to “regular” image size (about 600px) unlimited amount, 1 HD image (they give you 5 credits for creating a free account as a trial) and 50 calls to the API per month. This free version is for personal use only.
The full service rates, for personal or pro use, are available as a monthly or unit subscription (which I prefer), so you buy credits for a certain number of images to process: is managed by the Austrian company Kaleido AI GmbH. They do not use the data and images sent to train their AI. Good point!

In conclusion, I would say that it is a useful tool, which I have used flemishly several times, as an individual. Practical, fast, pre-maché work, and interesting rates, given the complexity of the tool and its efficiency. Much faster and more efficient than its predecessors or Background Burner.

And you, what do you think about it?